Kingston has spoken!

The questionnaires are in.
76% of households in Kingston, both residents and second home owners, have returned their questionnaire. It is an outstanding result and means your views will strongly influence the Plan.
What happens next?
All the answers in each questionnaire will be collated and we will put a copy of the results up on the website as soon as it is available. 

Kingston's Future flyer

Is it really confidential?
Yes! No one knows who completed which questionnaire. Your response ianonymous and confidential. We numbered the questionnaires so that the data can be traced back to individual questionnaires by the auditor. Having written in the numbers we shuffled the questionnaires very thoroughly indeed and they were then distributed in random order.
More artwork needed!
Thank you to those smaller people who completed the Very Special Questionnaire. It’s not too late, you can pick up another in the Reading Room if you want to. Please put completed copies and any drawings/pictures through the Clerk’s door at 1 Chapel Row. We would really like your pictures for the Plan.

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