Questionnaire Survey Report


The Report on the Questionnaire Survey is now available on this site. This is what you said!

The Kingston Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire was delivered to each house in the Parish of Kingston in late September 2017.  A copy of the Kingston Questionnaire is on this site.

207 questionnaires were delivered and 165 completed questionnaires were returned, through house to house collection or via a central collection box. The first short section of the questionnaire included general questions about the household, but the following section gave an opportunity for each person in the household to respond, from 11yrs/secondary school upwards. 

333 respondents completed the questionnaire. The population of Kingston was 387 at the 2011 Census, showing an 86% return rate.  

There were 36 questions in the questionnaire. Everyone was encouraged to complete as many questions as possible, but if not comfortable with a question to leave it blank and move on. This means that total numbers of responses vary slightly from question to question. The information is presented as real numbers and as percentages. Much of it is illustrated with bar/pie charts. 

Some questions gave a number of options to choose and an open box in which to note any ‘other ‘ responses. There were also a few open questions. In total there were 824 comments given in these boxes. A summary of comments is given and a fuller appendix will follow as soon as possible. 

A separate ‘Very Special Questionnaire’ for 4-11yrs/primary school children was delivered with each main questionnaire and further copies made available. There is a separate, illustrated, report available on this questionnaire.

A huge thank you to those who helped prepare, design and print, deliver and collect this questionnaire, collate, check and present the responses, but especially to all of you who completed it.  The policies in Kingston Neighbourhood Plan will be developed from what you have told us .

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