Evidence Base

The links below will take you to the information supporting the 2020 consultation of our Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012)

Approved Judgement 2016 Mr Justice Hickinbottom between: The Queen on the application of RLT Built Environment Limited and the Cornwall Council and St Ives Town Council
Census 2011
Community Action Plan 2020
Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000
CPRE maps of light pollution and night skies
Devon Biodiversity Records Centre Wildlife resource map and species information report for Kingston 2017
Devon Historic Environment Record database 
Devon Home Choice housing list (held by SHDC Housing)
Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light GN01:2011 by ILP
Hedgerows Regulations 1997
Kingston Local Lettings Plan
Kingston Parish Plan 2007
Kingston Tithe Map 1839  
KNP – Character Assessment 2020
KNP – Children’s questionnaire analysis
KNP – Community Questionnaire and reports
KNP – Consultation 2019 (Regulation 14) comments and responses
KNP – Consultation Statement
KNP – COVID-19 Action Plan
KNP – Development Boundary paper 2020
KNP – Drop-in Report 2016
KNP – Engagement Strategy Dec 2016
KNP – Housing Needs Survey 2016
KNP – Housing in Kingston August 2019
KNP – SEA and HRA screening opinion
KNP – Site Assessment Report 2017
KNP – Statement of Basic Conditions
KNP – Task Group meeting minutes
KNP – Task Group Terms of Reference
KNP – Young persons Questionnaire Analysis
Marine Conservation Zone designation 2019
National Heritage List for England
National Planning Policy Framework
Natural England designation of Erme SSSI (Type in ‘Erme’ and select ‘SSSI designation’ in the search box)
Neighbourhood Planning and the Historic Environment HEAN11 (Historic England).
Parish Council minutes
Parish Council traffic surveys in KPC Minutes
Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP)
Police Reports to Parish Council (see KPC AGM Minutes)
Report, Bats and artificial lighting GN08:2018 by ILP
SHDC Green Space Assessment Criteria
South Devon AONB Management Plan 2019-2024
Zoopla Property Archive