Kingston Character Assessment 2019

We all believe that Kingston is a very special place – but what exactly are the features of the parish that make it so distinctive?

a view up the estuary of the river Erme
Erme estuary, looking North

At the Drop-In session that was held in the Reading Room, back in November 2016, to kick-off the Neighbourhood Plan, participants posted up their thoughts about living in the village. One of the key themes that came out of this exercise was that people really appreciate the environment of the parish. The responses to the recent Questionnaire have reinforced the importance that residents attach to the landscape, wildlife and also the rich history of Kingston.

Looking North up one of the village streets, Vicarage Lane
Vicarage Lane

As we move forward to develop some firm policies for the  Plan, we need to actually pin-down the physical and cultural features of Kingston that contribute to its distinctiveness. This will help us to develop policies that protect and enhance what is important.

The Kingston Character Assessment is an attempt to do just that. The document starts with a brief profile of the parish, followed by descriptions of the geology, landscape, wildlife habitats and also the historical development of Kingston.

Goldcrest Oct15
Goldcrest on gorse

2 thoughts on “Kingston Character Assessment 2019

  1. Gosh..didn’t realised it would have to be so detailed…re wildlife. Should adder,barn-owl,firecrest,kingfisher,treecreeper curlew be added? There are some wonderful ducks at wonwell ..but I only recognise common species..


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