Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan 2014-2034

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP) was adopted by South Hams District Council on 21 March 2019, Plymouth City Council on 26 March 2019 and West Devon Borough Council on 26 March 2019. The adopted Joint Local Plan covers the administrative areas of Plymouth City, South Hams District and West Devon Borough and forms part of the Development Plan for these areas.

The adopted documents can be found on the JLP website here.

In developing the Kingston Neighbourhood Plan the Task Group found the following of special interest to Kingston:

S06 – Delivering a prosperous and sustainable South West Devon (page 180)

SO9 – Maintaining the viability of the many sustainable villages in the rural area (page 237)
S010 – Maintaining a naturally beautiful and thriving countryside (page 240)
S011 – Delivering high quality development (page 245)
TTV2 – Delivering sustainable development in the Thriving Towns and Villages Policy Area (page 183)
TTV3 – Strategic infrastructure measures for the Main Towns (page 187)
TTV25 – Development in the Sustainable Villages (page 238)
TTV26 – Development in the countryside (page 241)
TTV27 – Meeting local Housing needs in rural areas (page 242)
TTV28 – Horse related developments (page 243)
TTV29 – Residential extensions and replacement dwellings in the countryside (page 243)
DEV1 – Protecting health and amenity (page 246)
DEV9 – Meeting local housing need in the Plan Area (page 253)
DEV10 – Delivering high quality housing (page 256)
DEV15 – Supporting the rural economy (page 265)
DEV24 – Undeveloped Coast and Heritage Coast (page 279)
DEV25 – Nationally protected landscapes (page 280)

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